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  • I've been an artist my entire life. I'm really a huge fan of Easy Web Video.

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User Guide of Leawo HD Video Converter

    What can you do with Leawo HD Video Converter?
  • Enjoy HD videos on Portable devices like iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP, Apple TV, Zune, etc.
  • Output HD videos to edit in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Share HD recorded videos on YouTube.
  • Upload HD videos to blog, podcast for sharing.
  • Join or merge HD movies.

How to convert HD video to popular formats with Leawo HD Video Converter?

Step 1: get Leawo HD Video Converter from here, install and launch it.

Step 2: press the "" button to browse HD video files for import.

Step 3: select a video file on the list and click the "" button to enter video edit panel.

Go to "Trim" section, you can move the sliders on the player bar or input the exact time index to determine the length.

Go to "Crop" tab, move the limiters of the dashed frame on the player window to remove black margins.

Upon "Effect" section, move the sliders to modify video brightness, contrast, saturation and audio volume zoom.

Under "Watermark" section, click "Enable Watermark", and then click "Image Watermark". You can select an image file and use the positioning sliders to locate it on screen.

Under "Watermark" section, click "Enable Watermark", and then click "Text Watermark". You can input a text, apply desired font style and generate a watermark for it on the video.

Step 4: choose a proper profile as target format or device.

Step 5: click "Settings" button to configure advanced settings for HD video conversion: Video Codec, Bit Rate, Video Size, Frame Rate, Aspect Ratio, Sample Rate, etc.

Step 6: click to start HD video conversion.

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