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  • The Prog is very good and the only one which converts H264 MPEG 4 AVC video recordings in a correct and good quality way to Xvid!!
  • I am satisfied with the product.
  • I have downloaded the updated version per the instructions. All seems to be working fine now.
  • I am very pleased with Pavtube as it does a fine job of conversion, into any format that I could possibly need - now or in the future.
  • I have told my friends about this product and highly recommended it!
  • I downloaded several tryout programs in the past and found your program to give the best conversion results.

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How to convert MTS to FLV, F4V and SWF format for uploading to Internet?

Basically, it is necessary for Camcorder holders to do some extra work before uploading the footages to internet for sharing, since most HD Camcorders, especially Sony AVCHD Camcorders, produce footages in MTS format, which would is high-definition but not an acceptable format for online video streaming. In that case, uploading the video footages and making sure they play back correctly can be a tricky proposition. To conclude, you have to convert the MTS to some format acceptable, i.e, Flash files such as FLV, F4V and SWF. FLV files can play on any of the Flash Player versions noted above, while F4V files can only be played with Flash Players 9 (v3) and 10. All of these files can also be played on Adobe Media Player, which itself runs on the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) platform. SWF files can be played back using Flash Player, and SWF files primarily play through the Flash Player web browser plug-in. Here's a look at how to convert MTS video clips to FLV, F4V or SWF for upload.

Required Software- Pavtube HD Video Converter Note this is a trial version and will add watermark on the screen. To convert video clips free from watermark, please purchase the HD Converter.


Step 1: Launch HD Video Converter, and import the MTS footages to the app by clicking ‘Add’ button and browsing to the files or directly dragging and dropping the files to the ‘Getting Started’ area. By default, the files are selected. You could view the files in preview window, simply highlight the file and click play button.

Step 2: Click ‘Format’ bar to set output format. There are various video and audio formats to choose from. Point to Flash Video, and three formats are available, FLV, F4V and SWF. Some sites accept FLV formats and some others prefer SWF files, please make sure which format is right for you.

Step 3: Then click ‘Settings’ and customize advanced audio and video parameters such as size, frame rate, bitrate, etc. Generally speaking, most video hosting sites take 320*240pix as standard size for uploading. If the generated files are too big for upload, you can cut the size down by setting a smaller video bitrate. Camcorders may record video up to 60fps, which will not fit for flash files. Recommended frame rates are 20fps, 15fps and 12fps.

Step 4: Click the small folder icon next to Output bar to specify a location for saving the converted flash files.

Step 5: Click on ‘Convert’ button to start converting MTS to FLV, F4V or SWF. The converter supports batch conversion and will convert all the selected files in file list once you click ‘Convert’. You could set auto shutdown when the progress panel pops up.


Step 6: After conversion the videos can be easily be located, simply click the “Open” button next to output path. uploaded for sharing. Enjoy your experience with Pavtube HD Converter!


Tip 1: Basically, video hosting sites restrict video clips to be in certain file size and length. For instance, YouTube stated that “videos can be up to 2GB in size and 10 minutes long”. You can trim the video to desired length with the Pavtube HD Converter. Simply click ‘Edit’ menu-> ‘Trim’ tab and set start and end time point.


Tip 2: To avoid strips or lines on the converted flash video, please go to ‘Edit’ menu-> ‘Effect’ tab and check ‘Deinterlacing’ box before conversion. Make sure you have select some file before clicking ‘Edit’.

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